Vintage plotters. Modern code.

A PEN PLOTTER is an early output device that uses pen and ink to draw directly to paper under computer control. This is a HP 7585B plotter drawing a design using CMY inks.

The pen plotter was the only choice for high quality, color output from a computer from the beginning of the 1950’s through the late 1980’s. Many were used to create engineering designs, architectural renderings, circuit diagrams, and business presentations. A few found their way into curious computer programmers who used them to design clever designs from programs written on a computer. What they created were the early beginnings of computer based art.

I enjoy collecting and repairing vintage computers, especially output devices like thermal and dot matrix printers. But my passion is collecting and using vintage pen plotter devices to use with modern computers and code like Python to create new works of art.

I share much of what I create in my spare time on Twitter using the hashtag #plottertwitter where many other pen plotter enthusiasts do the same.

I decided to create a small shop where you can browse and purchase my pen plotter works. I hope you enjoy them and if you choose to purchase one for you or as a gift, I hope they bring years of enjoyment.


HP 7585B A0 wide format plotter (1983)
HP 7575A DraftPro DXL A1 wide format plotter (1988)
HP 7576A DraftPro EXL A0 wide format plotter (1988)
HP 7550 Plus A3 plotter
HP 7475A A3 plotter
HP 7470A A4 plotter
RolandDG DXY-990 A3 plotter
RolandDG DXY-1150 A3 plotter
RolandDG DXY-1200 A3 plotter

Ink: Koh-I-Noor archival pigmented acrylic ink

Image size: Varies by design

Paper: watercolor, 140lb, acid-free, cold press

Finishing: None, rolled, unframed

Editions: Unless otherwise specified, each plot design is unique, one of a kind, and original (1/1)

Pricing: Varies, as marked ($US). Shopping cart and payments by PayPal.

Shipping: Free shipping to USA addresses. International shipping add $20. Customs form will indicate paid costs.

Delivery time: Usually ships in about a week, delivery time depends on location.


How long does it take to create a plot?

Creating the code and the rendering time for plots can vary, depending on complexity. Once complete, plotting can take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour for 11″ x 15″ size, and anywhere from 6 to 10 hours for 24″ x 36″ plots.

What kind of pens do you use?

I use new old stock plotter pens and fill them with ink. They’re similar to Rapidograph style technical pens.

Can you still buy pens for vintage plotters?

Yes, you can still purchase new old stock pens on your favorite online auction site.

I want to get into pen plotters. What do you recommend?

The AxiDraw is a great modern plotter created by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories that works well out of the box, connects via USB, works with any pen, and comes with great support.